Alpaca fleece

Alpaca products are highly prized by fashion designers and consumers. Keep reading to learn why!

Not all animal fibers are the same!  Alpaca “wool” is technically called fleece. The fleece from alpacas is light-weight, warm, dirt and stain resistant. It is also non-allergenic, since it does not contain lanolin like sheep wool.

Alpaca fleece is lighter than any other animal fiber. Because of its thickness, it helps to regulate body temperature.  During summer this material will keep you cool. In winter, it will help you keep in your body heat and protect you from the cold.

Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause allergic reactions like some other fibers.  If sheeps wool gives you allergies, don´t worry, alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin, the culprit for those annoying reactions.

As an added benefit, alpaca fleece has an almost 100% resistance to dirt and stains, which makes garments of this material stay clean much longer.

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