Bigfoot Gifts

Looking for a great gift for a Bigfoot lover?  Here are 15 gift ideas that are sure to delight your Sasquatch fan. Explore Experience Gifts, Bigfoot gifts you can wear, Bigfoot gifts for the home, and more!

1. Tickets to a Bigfoot Experience

Experience gifts are unforgettable.  There are many Sasquatch festivals and a handful of museums across the U.S.  Plan a trip and surprise your Bigfoot lover with tickets to one of them!  Here are a few suggestions:

Cliff Barackman’s North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon, in the foothills of the Mt. Hood National Forest, is the largest public collection of Sasquatch evidence, history, and artifacts. The display halls feature dozens of footprint, handprint, and other body part casts, along with photographs, videos, and historical artifacts. A small theater shows short documentaries by the NABC staff featuring evidence deep-dives, field work, and more.  The museum gift store offers a variety of Bigfoot-themed products ranging from apparel to plaster footprint casts. Open 10-5 daily except Christmas. Purchase admission at the door or buy a gift card online.

The Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce puts on a great annual event each January in Washington State – sQuatchfest features well-known researchers and speakers, themed vendors, and a kids’ cave.  Order tickets for this year’s event here.

Pacific Northwest-area Bigfoot enthusiasts will love Forks Sasquatch Days in Forks, Washington May 26-28, 2023. Presented by Sasquatch The Legend, this event features renowned speakers and Sasquatch experts such as Cliff Barackman of “Finding Bigfoot,” Doug Hajicek of “MonsterQuest” and the world premiere of the film “A Flash of Beauty 2,” which is already being called one of the best Bigfoot documentaries ever made. Click here for tickets!

Listed as one of the top 10 wackiest places to visit in all of Colorado, the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum is a must-see for anyone who has any interest in Bigfoot! Purchase admission at the door or buy a gift card online.


2. Cryptid Triangle T-Shirt

This original “Cryptid Triangle” T-shirt features three all-time favorites: Sasquatch, “Nessie” of Loch Ness and a Flying Saucer, all in a well-balanced triangle design set among trees, near a mountain lake. The black and white shirts are screen printed on 100% cotton, while the heather-colored shirts are a cotton polyester blend with a soft feel. This is the most popular shirt in the Sasquatch The Legend Forks, Washington store.

3. Bigfoot hoodie

Black no-zip hoodie with image of Bigfoot silhoutted against a sunset. Sleeves are native pattern.

If you need something a bit warmer than a t-shirt for your Bigfoot gift, check out Los Andes Shop’s Bigfoot hoodies!  Made of heavy weight cotton/poly, they feature Sasquatch on the front.  We sent our Andean crafters the image, and they created something really unique with the native print pocket and sleeves.  Available in sizes S – XXL.

4. Bigfoot Beanie

The Forest Fleur’s best-selling Bigfoot Beanie will make you feel good inside & out. The Bigfoot Beanie is made from thick, high-quality cotton & features our trademarked-Bigfoot on a faux leather patch. This certified environmental protection product is kind to Bigfoot’s habitat without compromising quality. Wash on gentle or by hand. Hang dry *This is an Eco-conscious item & has been produced/packaged with Bigfoot’s habitat in mind!*

5. Bigfoot Trucker Hat

Bigfoot and trees on leather patch on khaki Richardson Trucker Hat

If your Bigfoot lover prefers a trucker hat over a beanie, check out Los Andes Shop’s selection.  Genuine leather patch is sewn, not glued, onto a quality Richardson hat.  Sure to please as a Sasquatch gift!

6. Bigfoot Slippers

Fuzzy brown slippers in shape of Big Foot

If you’re looking to cover your feet rather than your head, Sasquatch Outpost offers slippers that will fit the bill. These adorable Bigfoot slippers come in 3 sizes – kids, teens and adults.  They will keep your feet warm while making the rest of your family jealous! 


7. Los Andes Shop Bigfoot Blanket

Bigfoot Sasquatch on Rainbow Background Queen alpaca blanket

Bigfoot caught on a blanket!  These soft alpaca-blend blankets featuring the big guy are great for the couch, but also fit double or queen size beds (80” x 90”).  They are a custom design made exclusively for Los Andes Shop by indigenous Ecuadorian crafters.  Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle; line dry.  Settle in and snuggle with your Bigfoot blanket.

8. Sasquatch Mugs

Group of 3 mugs

This is the perfect mug for your morning coffee or a great gift for friends and family. Choose from a wide variety of designs, including “Legendary Pacific Northwest,” “Don’t Make Me Go All Squatchy On You,” “Yoga Sasquatch,” “If They Ask You Never Saw Me,” “Bigfoot for President,” “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires” and many more. Available from Sasquatch the Legend in ceramic or metal in three sizes to hold your favorite hot or cold beverages.

9. 1982 Grays Harbor Footprint Cast Replica

Cast of Bigfoot footprint

This is a first generation replica of an original cast from the 1982 Grays Harbor County footprint events of April and May 1982.  Over these two months, several footprint finds were found and reported to the Grays Harbor County sheriff’s office.  Deputies documented the finds as if they were crime scenes, resulting in some of the best documented finds in Bigfoot history.  This particular cast measures 15 inches long.  It is exceptionally clear due to the substrate, casting conditions, and the freshness of the footprints.

10. Bigfoot jigsaw puzzle 850 pieces

Bigfoot jigsaw puzzle

This beautiful 850 piece jigsaw puzzle from Sasquatch Outpost is filled with surprise characters and many hidden creatures, just like its namesake.  It will keep you and your family busy for hours!  Measures 25″ x 38″

11. Bigfoot Figurine

Bigfoot figurine

From Sasquatch Outpost. This Bigfoot figure accurately represents the legendary monster’s large feet, and is covered head to toe in coarse sculpted fur. He is posed in mid-walk, turning to his right to look behind him. This iconic pose of the creature is based on a still frame from the infamous “Patterson Film”, one of the most well-known supposed recordings of Bigfoot.  Bigfoot measures 5 ¼ inches tall and about 3 ¼ inches wide, a little bigger than a standard coffee mug. His hair is dark brown, with dark gray areas of exposed skin on his face and hands.


12. Forest Fleur Collapsible Casting Bucket

Collapsible Bigfoot casting bucket

A great gift for the serious Bigfoot hunter – Have you ever found a possible Sasquatch footprint in the woods, but didn’t have the materials to cast it? Perhaps you’re a seasoned researcher, tired of wasting plastic bags to mix your plaster. This collapsible bucket is made from silicone & plastic, making it easy to transport & clean. It folds down to a 10″ disc, with a sturdy handle & loop perfect for a carabiner, fashioned with a wooden Bigfoot silhouette. This bucket is reusable & washable, making it an ideal solution for footprint casting adventures! Tape measure bracelet & flags sold separately. Cast not included  *This is an Eco-conscious item & has been produced/packaged with Bigfoot’s habitat in mind!*

13. Sasquatch Plush

Plush Bigfoot doll

Sasquatch is an unrecognized species, which is why we seldom see them accurately represented in giftware. This Sasquatch plush has been carefully designed by founder, Emily Fleur, to resemble this species as closely as possible. This is a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal, only available at The Forest Fleur! Measures 8″.  Not recommended for small children.

14. Bigfoot and Yeti Plush Toy

Plush brown Bigfoot or blue and white Yeti figures

Young and old alike love this soft and sweet Bigfoot or Yeti (Abominable Snowman) plush toy. Available as an icy blue and white Yeti or a tawny brown and tan Bigfoot, this plush toy has a touchable texture and a charming smile that brings joy to all. This is the ideal Bigfoot and Yeti to bring into your home: a cuddly, companionable creature who just wants to be your friend.

15. Limited edition 2022 Commemorative Collector’s Coin

This custom brass coin was designed by local artist, Peter Oberdorf, and minted by the North American Bigfoot Center especially for 2022.  The coins featured for 2021 have all sold out, and the 2023 coins will arrive in the spring.  A set of these coins will be a rare collectors item in the coming years.

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