Design Variety

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The blankets and couch throws we offer are made in small batches in cottage industry-type shops. 

We feature many time-honored Andean native designs that are at home in tribal decor, boho interiors, Southwestern, Western, and cowboy designs.

We have collaborated with the craftspeople to create unique custom designs including Bigfoot, Mountains, Reflection Lake (based on Trillium Lake in Oregon), Skiers, and Equestrian styles.

All the bedding is a high-quality blend – the softness of alpaca fleece combined with the easy care of acrylic.

To help communities

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Your purchase helps the indigenous communities of the high Andes in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador.  They are the hands behind all these beautiful textile products.  Due to their dedication, skill and craftsmanship, we are able to bring beautiful wool, alpaca, and acrylic designs to you.  It is a task that deserves acknowledgment and sustainability.