Giving Blankets as Gifts – Honoring Native Traditions

Native Blanket Giving Traditions

In North American native cultures, blankets are traditionally given to mark important events or life passages. While the practice has changed over the years, several tribal member customers have purchased Los Andes Shop blankets for just this purpose.

Our blankets are Native-made, but South American Native-made. . . the first nations of the Andes continue to practice and develop this craft with great creativity and pride.

  • To learn more about the tradition of gift giving in various cultures, visit this post at
  • To learn about the use of robes and blankets among Native groups in the U.S., this article by David Emmanuel Noel is very informative.  Get the history behind the term “Indian blanket”!
  • If you are looking for a quality blanket to give as a gift – click on one of the images below to get started. These are just a small sample of the options!

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