Tips for an unforgettable camping trip

Planning your next outdoor adventure?  Smart move!

Make your camping trips this year especially memorable by trying out these tips:

 1.  Leave the dog food in a plastic bag outside the tent

This will ensure that you are awakened at 3 am by the dog barking frantically at the family of raccoons who discover it and enjoy it from a nearby tree, chattering in delight. Yep.  True story.  Blame Debbie.

2.  Bring the tent that’s been mouldering in the shed since last time you used it

(maybe 3 years ago, or was it 5?) Guaranteed to bring memorable excitement when the poles snap at the first breeze, or maybe during assembly. Unfortunately, another true story.  Probably Debbie’s fault, too!

3.  Get Bigfoot gear for the whole crew

Perfect for laughs and photo opps! Our Bigfoot hoodies and ponchos will get some serious use around the campfire and be a beloved souvenir long after you’ve washed the wood smoke out of your hair.

A man, young woman and female child each wearing a hooded poncho with Bigfoot
Bigfoot ponchos for family in Military Green

4. Ignore the weather forecast

Husband convinced me to go camping w/him n the kids and our fur child, set up our tents .. everything was going great til started pouring – ground started flooding – kids’ tent was totally filled , so kids and fur baby ended up in our tiny tent – all 5 of us on the air mattress -all of our blankets and everything else was completely soaked – then air mattress went flat, so in middle of pouring rain packed up n came home wet & tired. What a disaster. Poor dog was extremely upset – she doesn’t like getting wet n was glaring at us the entire time. – Shared by Tayrod, winner of our “Camping Fail Tale” contest.

Weather map
Rain in the forecast

5. Be prepared to stay warm

Tea Kettle steaming on top of campfire
Enjoy early morning camping in our ponchos

Those mornings (and nights, for that matter) can be pretty crisp! Stay cozy in our sherpa-lined poncho blanket while you enjoy your morning coffee. You can zip it up and use it as a blanket in the tent, too! Guaranteed to keep you toasty warm, and it’s easy to care for – machine wash and dry.

What are your tips for an unforgettable camping trip? We choose a winning story each month – you could see your camping fail tale posted on our blog, and win $50 credit to spend on our website! (All entrants will be added to our occasional e-mail subscriber list. Please write at least 250 words in the “Message” box below, and be descriptive – make us feel like we were there, too!)

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