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There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket to curl up in after a long day.  Our alpaca-blend queen-size blankets are lightweight and super soft, and we’ve had so many customers tell us they are their favorite blanket (or that they fight over it with their spouse)!

Blankets are a wonderful gift, too. With their soft embrace, they have the power to wrap your loved ones in the warmth of your love. There is something truly special about the act of gifting a blanket. It goes beyond its practical use and becomes a symbol of comfort, security, and care.

Blankets have a unique ability to provide solace and a sense of protection. When you give someone a blanket, you give them not only physical warmth but also emotional comfort. It is a tangible representation of your affection and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a traditional indigenous design, or one of our customized mountain or Sasquatch patterns, each blanket carries with it the intention of bringing comfort and wellbeing to its recipient.

Beyond the personal significance, gifting blankets also holds a historical and cultural value. Native American tribes have a long-standing tradition of giving blankets as a way of honoring people. Historically, blankets were considered sacred items, symbolizing friendship, gratitude, and unity. They were often given during significant life events or as gestures of appreciation. The act of presenting a blanket was seen as a way of acknowledging someone’s importance and showing respect. You can read more about this tradition here.

Incorporating this Native American tradition into our modern gift-giving practices can add depth and meaning to the act of giving a blanket. It can serve as a reminder to honor and appreciate the connections we have with our loved ones. By offering a blanket as a gift, we not only envelope them in physical warmth but also convey our deep affection and admiration.

Los Andes Shop has soft beautiful blankets with traditional Andean designs that look great in Southwestern, Western, cowboy/girl, or boho decor schemes. There are a variety of color combinations to choose from, from bright fuchsia to soothing neutrals. We also have collaborated with the makers to create patterns that appeal to our market in the PNW and beyond. People who love the outdoors, mountains, woods, and adventures like our blankets featuring Bigfoot (Sasquatch), mountains, and trees.

If you are looking for bedding ideas or bedroom decor ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Ecuador textiles are soft and beautiful, and make an excellent addition to your comfy bedroom.

We’re sorry that we are not able to offer king-size blankets – the crafters’ looms simply aren’t that wide.  Queen (80” x 90”) is the largest alpaca-blend blanket we import.  All our blankets are machine washable in cold water on the delicate cycle.  They should be hung to dry.